Fireplace Restoration – project #1

When I viewed this property I was SO excited about starting this room, I had a vision in mind as soon as I entered the room and it started with restoring the fireplace.

Photo 1, the living room when purchased – I mean, that carpet?!

Photo 2, The starting point, removing the fireplace. I had to cap the gasworks off that fed the huge ugly fireplace that was in there previously. The hearth was concrete and took some real man power to remove it. The bricks were filthy but actually in pretty good condition. Took half a day just to get the old fireplace out.

Photo 3, Brick work has been cleaned up, I used a spray bottle with some water and a gentle wire brush to clean away the soot and also used a steamer to remove the awful wallpaper – That blue in the first picture was painted wallpaper, the previous owners had obviously decided painting over the textured wallpaper was the way they wanted to achieve a new look. Hot and sweaty work but it’s looking fresher already.

Works undertaken September 2017


Starting is the hardest part, right?

Reno House No. #1
The current project

So why start a blog?

I’m sure there’s many others like me out there, bought a house that’s a project because you couldn’t possibly buy a new build with no history, falling in and out of love with it as you realise how much effort renovating requires and then there’s the cash flow…

So I’ve started this blog because I’m a keen interior design enthusiast who is currently renovating a 1930’s, 4 bed, end of terrace property in Kent, UK, in between working a full-time day job. I have been giving everything a go myself in a bid to save some cash and hope to inspire others to take the leap into the journey of renovating with an honest and occasionally disastrous approach to self-learning DIY.

I hope you’ll join me to see my progress and not repeat the same mistakes I’m bound to make!

Zoe x